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Makinex is one of my key clients; I work on a regular hourly basis each week for them directly from their office in Central Sydney.

Makinex are within the industrial design arena,  having a broad and varied client base means I can be up to date and reactive in all areas of the creative industry no matter what the product.



Makinex needed a brand manager to help them grow the Makinex Brand. Their business is expanding globally and they wanted someone with vision to look at the bigger picture and help to increase brand awareness and build a brand style that is easily recognizable, supported by marketing that will grow lead generation.


I have been working with Makinex for 24 months now, after initially reviewing the brand & marketing strategy and plan I established the key client for each product and the best way for the business to market and bring in leads.

I have built a clear and well targeted  style guide, which allows the business to be reactive to marketing opportunities and quickly and easily generate advertising that builds on the Makinex Brand.

Makinex have offices in USA, UK and Europe and establishing file-sharing processes that means the business can be truly global with minimal management.

I have also introduced the business into new marketing streams including Adwords and Retargeting campaigns, as well as automated email marketing. Introducing processes that speed up the marketing process and deliver better results.

Makinex work with direct customers as well as with resellers. We work with all elements of the business and help internal and external sellers to feel proud of the brand and products, and feel motivated to sell products and promote the Makinex brand with passion.

This has led to a growth in sales with revenue doubling over the last 24 months.



In the 24 months I have been at Makinex, there has been an increase in all areas of the business.


  • Total Website Visits Increase 26%
  • New Visitors to website increase 32%
  • SEO organic visits to website – increase by 54%
  • Leads increased by 54%


I love the diversity of working in all areas of design and the creative industry and find working from the Makinex Office means I am part of the team, which drives me to work hard and deliver results.

The work below shows the Makinex website which we moved to a WordPress CMS integrating the new brand red white and blue colour scheme. This website has resulted in a 26% increase is lead generation due to the clear and multiple calls to action.

We have also re photographed all product photography, showing the products off professionally and creatively.

We are now working through all marketing materials to bring them in line with the brand guidelines.

Each year we work with the budget provided and ensure that marketing dollars are spent where a great return on the investment can be seen.

"Emma has been working with makinex for the last 24 months,since she started our brand has strengthened, showing us as a leader in our field. We now have a consistent brand that communicates our strengths to our customers. Emma  manages a number of projects for Makinex, all of them have been delivered on time and within budget. Our leads have increased by 54% in the last 2 years and due to our brand and marketing activities introduced by emma we have also seen an upturn in sales.
Emma is hardworking, flexible and has become part of our team"


First Class Migration Australia engaged the professional services of Emma in 2016 to assist us in re-designing our website which was looking very old and uninspiring.  I, however, had no idea of what I wanted the new website to look like, so I really gave Emma a challenge to create a design without much input from me initially.  Emma produced a few wonderful ideas. One stood out to me immediately – old fashioned black and white, with a splash of colour and a retro kind of feel to it.  So completely different to all of my competitors!


Emma worked tirelessly throughout the project, following up with me constantly to ensure I got everything to her within the time frame we initially set out and constantly coming up with ideas to make our website really stand out.


I am so pleased and proud of the end result. I now have a website I absolutely love and I receive positive feedback regularly from pretty much everyone who visits our website. Emma is still a constant source of information when we have questions and is always happy to help. I highly recommend Emma to everyone. Thanks Emma!!!!

First Class Migration

“Emma was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Always willing to take on-board feedback and work to our needs to ensure delivery of a high quality video production that fitted our needs perfectly”


I’m a designer and a perfectionist, so it was never going to be easy to create a logo I was happy with. Previous failures included: talented designers & free work, paid work & failure to meet critical deadlines, expectation of upfront commitment with incomplete or no portfolios etc…  I’d become fearful a logo was not meant to be.
Emma conscientiously learnt about my business, rewrote my brief to make it designer-friendly, searched extensively to find a suitable designer, negotiated cost, time,  approach & design amendments. She managed all of this saving me precious time AND she has keen design eye that was so very helpful in reviewing the designs and making the logo what it is. Emma was trustworthy, reliable and  lovely to work with. I’d happily recommend her to anyone

Sandra Marshall – Happy Fish

Emma has been a fantastic help in my design business. She is supportive both to my team and clients, and her client management is superb.  Through her time working with me she has created or improved upon systems, assisted in improving our companies project turnaround rate and has done everything in her power to keep projects on schedule.  I have no hesitation in recommending her to any design agency that needs project management assistance!

Ellissa Jayne – Ellissa Jayne Creative

Working with Emma has made my job as a graphic designer a breeze. Emma’s project management allowed me more time to do what I love best – DESIGN & CREATE. Her communication skills are exceptional and her customer service goes above & beyond what you would expect. Emma is also the queen of clear & concise design briefs! #yesyesyes If you are a designer who want to spend less time going back & forth with clients, Emma is your lady

Anna Matjasec – Design with Style

“It has been a pleasure working with Emma throughout the start-up  phase of my online business. We were able to collaborate and gain a clearer picture of what the business was, and what I needed to do in order to ‘sell’ my product. Her expertise and guidance was sought regularly and her advice on different aspects of the business have proven to be spot on. It’s great working with someone who you can trust in making the right decisions for your company! I look forward to continuing the relationship so that the business can continue to stay on the right path.”

Simon Rae – Lifestyle Tutoring for Kids

creative direction | video production

“We had such a blast working with Emma at The Business Designer. Her initial brief was the right spark to ignite our creativity and the project was managed beautifully, keeping us in the loop at all times and enabling us to deliver the best possible product for the client.  We can’t wait to collaborate on the next project!”


Jenni and Paul – Soymilk Studio

“Emma’s expertise was exactly what I was looking for to help give the direction of my business clarity.  Hiring Emma to walk me through the creative process was invaluable. She advised me on the best approach throughout the process and communicated our thoughts to the designer, freeing me up to get back to meeting my workload. I’ve ended up with a website far better than I could have ever hoped for.  She went above and beyond from the very start and stayed close to the project until the very end. Emma’s guidance has been invaluable.”

Nina Hendy – Nina

website | creative direction

“Emma is a pleasure to work with.  She is thorough, dedicated and genuinely cares about her clients’ success.  Her ebooks and coaching are great resources to help you to uncover and convey the heart of your business.”

Ursula Hobgen – Hobgen Group